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Cosmonaut Coffee Co.

Only one in the Universe

 Kung-Fu Coffee Experts

Not just brew, we got LOVE for ya Tacoma!

The Center of the Universe!

WELCOME TO THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, located at 817 Division Avenue, here in the treasured Stadium District of Tacoma, WA. You must be worn out from your travels, so sit down and let us make you a cup of coffee...and not just any cup of coffee...THE BEST CUP OF COFFEE IN THE UNIVERSE!

Some of you may be asking yourselves, sure, maybe you have the best coffee in the Universe, but what's with the name Cosmonaut? Well, we originally opened our shop a decade ago as Satellite Coffee, not too long after our friends opened their salon here in the same building at 817 Division, which is...as stated, "The Center Of The Universe". And to be quite frank, we wouldn't even be here without all the help from Donny & Jana, owners of Supernova (We love those guys!!!).

A lot of things have changed since we opened in 2007, for one, we elected to change our handle to Cosmonaut Coffee. 

So why another space themed name like Cosmonaut? When we couldn't be Satellite any longer, we became Cosmonaut, for many reasons, most of which are pretty effin' boring but we concluded since we were already here, at the Center of the Universe, we may as well become Cosmonaut Coffee rather then 'Thanks a Latte' or 'White Chocolate City' or any number of other silly or brilliant monikers. Now that you know all kinds of stuff about us, let's talk about you and how about that cup of coffee?

Hang out & chill with some nice folks.`

All of our highly skilled baristas are well versed in both the fine art of extracting espresso and the exacting science of making a great cup of coffee. You'll also find we are really nice and love talking about our passion for the bean. You'll never catch a whiff of hipster coffee snobbery here. We try to remain humble, approachable and we love sharing our experience working with coffee. Even though each one of our baristas is both a licensed astronaut and a fully combat trained Coffee Black Belt, don't worry, we only use our combat skills to karate chop blocks of ice for iced drinks in the summer, other than that you will find that we are always eager to serve you, answer even the most rudimentary questions. 9 times out of 10 when you come into our shop, we'll already be talking' about our favorite subject: COFFEE, BEANS & BREWING TECHNIQUES OR METHODS. 

So whether you are seeking out the best cup of hot or iced jo, espresso, a new place to 'kick-it' or you are our new to the neighbor and this is your new neighborhood spot, we may be like finding a diamond in an oasis in the dessert. Not only are we closest but we really are the best, that's not cocky, it's just true, and it oughta be because we train harder, we are pickier and we spend more on coffees than any shop in Tacoma. Try something new like a fine pour-over from a new varietal, a cortado or our famous iced cold brewed toddy, some fresh beans, or new equipment so you can do what we do at home. So if you're new to the neighborhood or some kind of olympic caliber barista with mad skills visiting, come on in, we've got somethin' for everybody, mostly a big mug of love!

Out of 300 square feet, can you believe it?

Speaking of LOVE and HEART we may be tiny, in fact we may be the smallest coffee joint in Tacoma, but we've got the biggest heart and we care about you guys and what you are putting into your bodies, so you'll find NO GMO's, NOTHING ARTIFICIAL: NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, COLORS, SWEETENERS OR PRESERVATIVES. We carry only wholesome products, many are organic and gluten free, a fair variety of vegan options & some nut free pastries. We know whats its like to have dietary restrictions. Just like with everything else we seek out the best in GF, V and nut free treats, if you aren't allergic you'll never know our treats are any different then regular treats. We also actively seek out suppliers who are transparent and share the same values we do because we want everybody in the supply chain to benefit from the money you spend here in the shop. Instead of being beat down into barely taking minuscule wages, we want everyone to be taken care of and treated with dignity and paid enough to live well. We are aware that there is a right way to practice capitalism in which everybody wins, preserving itself for many years to follow. Unfortunately this is not the capitalism we see in our world today, so we remain small, proactive and try to practice responsible capitalism.

So whether you're stopping for a quick morning cup of joe, mid-afternoon anti-nap juice,  or just popping in to grab a free organic dog treat(thank you MudBay) while on a walk around Wright Park with your puppy, we've got you covered. We'll be glad to see ya.

Menu / Price List

We don't serve anything that is GMO, artificially flavored, colored or sweetened, that stuff will kill ya, so we don't sell it. (Prices subject to change without prior notification)

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